There are many volunteer opportunities in all communities and so many volunteers willing to help. At North Texas State Hospital, we are so blessed to have so many wonderful volunteers like yourself.

Some of our volunteer areas are:

Volunteer Services Council: these volunteers work with the hospital to raise money, in-kind donations and awareness. The monies raised help in different areas such as Christmas for patients, Birthday gifts, Off-ground activities, patient sponsorship, Bingo prizes and educating our communities about mental health.

Group Volunteers: Some groups come out weekly, monthly quarterly and annually. Christmas Parties are hosted by groups, Bingo parties. We also have singing groups who come out during the year to entertain our patients.

Donation Room: our volunteers in the donation room sort the donations that come in, donations of all kinds and sizes.

Hidden Treasures: located in Vernon TX. and serves as resale style storefront for the Community to enjoy. Hidden Treasures receives donated items from the surrounding  communities and utilizes those donations to raise proceeds for the Patients of North Texas State Hospital. Hidden Treasures is 100% Volunteers driven. Volunteers sort donations, clean donations, assist shoppers, bag purchased items, and operate the cash register.

Chaplaincy: Our Chaplaincy volunteers help the chaplain with needs during the week and also at the weekly worship service, assisting with the service and also singing to the patients.

Student Volunteers: In the summer on the Wichita Falls Campus, we host the Student Volunteer program for teens 14year of age and older. These kids come out and can volunteer up to 20 hours per week. There are usually between 10-20 each summer. These volunteers assist staff and patients in rehab classes in the Rehab Dept. and also on unit classes. They also help out in the Laundry, Food Service, Motor Pool and the Client Worker Program.

As you see we have many volunteers from our communities who love our patients- that is you! We appreciate all you do for our patients and staff at North Texas State Hospital. Whether you see it now or it comes out later, you have touched lives and made a difference. Your service to our patients is priceless.